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Best Drug Rehab!
My friends and Drug Rehab Chicago saved me from myself. I used to party and party hard. I would go out 3 to 4 times a week to any place I could drink. I many times I would wake up either at home or at some other house and not know how I even got there. I would have multiple text and voice mails from my roommates and even my mom called concerned for me a few times. One day, my roommates sat me down and said I needed help. I didn't want to hear it. I tried to tune then until my best friend broke down and said that her mom used to abuse her and her brother until she received help and she thought I was going down the same path. She convinced me to call Drug Rehab Center Chicago. I received help and I have greatly cut down on my partying and totally cut out drinking. I started helping in the community and met my current boyfriend there. Life has turned out to be okay for me and I have my friends and Drug Rehab Chicago to thank for that.
, Chicago Jan 27, 2012

Excellent Staff!
If your ready to surrender then this is the place for recovery. Excellent staff with people who truly care. Clean and comfortable living setting specially designed for the transition into "the real world".
, Chicago May 6, 2012

This place is the best clinic ever!
What can I say? This place is the best clinic I ever been associated with. And I’ve been in a few. I can’t get over the gentle nature of the staff members. It’s squeaky clean and the area itself helped me forget about my current situation because it was so picturesque. Two thumbs up.
, Chicago Nov 8, 2011

Amazing Treatment Programs!
When I entered Drug Rehab Chicago, my life had been ripped to pieces. I had no more chances and I knew if I didn't get it this time, I would die. I wasn't able to keep my head up or look anyone in the eyes. I didn't feel like a human being. With the help of the staff my life has changed. I can now walk into a room, stand up, and feel confidence. I don't want to die anymore. This program will work for anyone who truly wants it.
, Chicago Jul 24, 2011

The staff was very welcoming and supportive.
The recovery place was a blessing for me. The staff was very welcoming and supportive, and the clients were also great. In 30 days I have learned more about myself than I could have in years. I'm now clean and sober. I have no regrets about enrolling in the program and it was worth every penny.
, Chicago Sep 15, 2011

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